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May 2020 (update: september 2020)

Neotris free beta (2)

Neotris beta (2) version is available for free downloading

Choose your ROM format to play on Neo Geo hardware:

- Neotris for NeoSD: download
(Extract the neotris_beta2.neo file and place it on your SD card)

- Neotris for Darksoft Multi: download
(Rename the folder as an accepted game, e.g. AOF)

Also available for MAME emulator:

- MAME for Windows + preconfigured Neotris: download
(Unzip the folder and run the play_neotris.bat file)

- Neotris ROM only: download

Read user manual

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January 2020

Neotris AES bundle

Neotris is the ultimate tetrominos game for your favorite game system. Explore 3 game modes : Solo, Versus 2P and Battle 4P. Take full advantage of Neotris with the dedicated Neotap enabling to connect up to 4 sticks simultaneously.

The Neotris AES bundle contains :

  • the Neotris AES cartridge
  • the snaplock box
  • 2 inserts (US and JP versions)
  • the user manual
  • the Neotap
  • Delivery expected at end-march 2020
    Canceled due to Covid-19

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